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AKG Project Studio Line Updated: C3000, C2000, C4000, And C4500 BC Condensers Are Back

It's makeover time for the AKG Project Studio Line of microphones. AKG just announced the redesign and re-release of some of its key models launched in years past: the C3000, C2000, C4000, and C4500 BC condenser mics.

Though the revamped Project Studio Line focuses on the home recording / project studio market, the mics perform just as well on stage. The new designs of the C2000, 3000, 4000, and 4500 BC maintain many of the technical aspects of the earlier models, but are now encased in a sleeker housing. The edge-terminated capsule on each model mimics AKG's premium line of mics, including the C414 and C12VR.

Thomas Stubics, product marketing manager, recording and broadcast, AKG, said, "AKG's new Project Studio Line takes a fresh look at a technology that has stayed true to the recording industry for 20 years, which is testament to the quality and reliability of our world-leading microphones. The relaunch of C3000 and company offers artists and engineers looking for a cost-effective, high-quality solution the opportunity to continue doing what they love, channeling their art in tremendous, warm and clear sound."

Now let's look at each one in closer detail. The C3000 is best used for miking lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, and for drum overhead applications. According to AKG, the C3000's switchable attenuation pad and low-cut filter enable high SPL up to 15 dB and eliminates proximity effects.

The C2000 small-diaphragm condenser sounds like a real large-diaphragm microphone and is ideal for vocals, brass, and percussion instruments due to its transient response and low end. The mic's low-noise electronics ensure low distortion and a high dynamic range, AKG says.

Next in line, the C4000's high-performance, multi-pattern, large-diaphragm design provides high headroom and low self-noise. With one of the widest dynamic ranges for condenser mics, the microphone is designed to work well in the studio or on stage. Ideal for thin vocals, bright brass, and acoustic guitars, the C4000 offers a warm, dark-sounding character.

AKG's C4500 BC is specially designed for on-air broadcast purposes. It has a cardioid pickup for voice friendly tuning and low proximity effect, along with high RF / EMI insensitivity. The mic's low noise and 165 dB maximum SPL capability make it an ideal tool for close miking of low instruments, such as bass drums, low brass, and guitar amps.

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