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Brand: Art Pro Model: HeadAmp 4
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The ​HeadAmp4​ offers 1/8th-inch as well as 1/4-inch inputs and outputs as well as lower noise, lower distortion and more output in a new custom extruded stackable metal case. Ideal for virtually any home or project studio, the ARTcessories ​HeadAmp4​ easily adds addi..
INR 4,444
Ex Tax:INR 3,766
Brand: Art Pro Model: HeadAmp4Pro
The ART HeadAmp4Pro could be the most fully featured ultra compact headphone amplifier in its price point on the market today. Packing as many features as possible into the small format chassis, the HeadAmp4Pro has five stereo headphone outs, each with their own volume control. A separate footswitc..
INR 9,048
Ex Tax:INR 7,668
Brand: Art Pro Model: Headamp6 6-channel Headphone Amplifier
The HeadAmp6 is a fully-featured six -channel stereo headphone amplifier that includes six auxiliary inputs to allow separate “more-me” mixes on each headphone channel. Each output channel has a dual function Balance Control which will pan between Left & Right input of the main signal bus, or v..
INR 14,452
Ex Tax:INR 14,452
ART Pro Channel II Tube Channel Strip
New Delivery : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: Art Pro Model: Pro Channel II Tube Channel Strip
The ART Pro Channel II™ uses second-generation discrete Class-A microphone preamp to provide clean quiet gain while maintaining incredible transparency. A powerful dynamics processor subtly controls transients and noise of the most demanding sources. The ART Pro Channel II™ ‘s semi-parametric EQ of..
INR 30,782
Ex Tax:INR 26,086
Brand: Art Pro Model: Pro MPA II
The new ART ProMPA II is the next generation in affordable high performance microphone preamp technology. Each microphone input circuit, with selectable 48v phantom power, features variable input impedance which can radically vary the overall performance of any high quality dynamic or ribbon microph..
INR 31,871
Ex Tax:INR 31,871
ART TransX 2-channel Microphone Preamp ART TransX 2-channel Microphone Preamp
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Art Pro Model: TransX 2-channel Microphone Preamp
The TransX two channel microphone preamplifier features a new low noise discrete transformer coupled high performance preamplification circuit. Building upon the quality and success of great sounding products like the Pro MPA II and the Pro VLA II, ART engineers set out to develop the next generatio..
INR 38,497
Ex Tax:INR 32,625
ART TransY FET Compressor/Limiter
New Delivery : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: Art Pro Model: TransY FET Compressor/Limiter
The TransY compressor/limiter features a discrete, low noise transistor audio path using a Field Effect Transistor for level control producing incredible detail. The unique feed forward detector topology and the servo FET drive circuitry provide a new level of flexibility and tone. The unit can be s..
INR 38,497
Ex Tax:INR 32,625
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