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usb audio interfaces, studio monitors,studio and recording equipment, condenser microphones M audio, Studio audio monitors
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AKAI Professional MPD232
Sale Price
Rs. 28,000.00
Class-compliant USB Pad Controller with 16 Multicolor Backlit MPC Pads, 8 Faders, 8 Knobs, 8 Buttons, Transport Controls, Step Sequencer MIDI I/O
ICON Qcon Pro
Sale Price
Rs. 52,600.00
MIDI/Audio control surface with motorized faders for production
Livid Instruments Alias 8
Sale Price
Rs. 22,000.00
Compact DAW control surface from Livid Instruments, featuring mixer controls that are stripped down to essentials.
Novation Circuit
Sale Price
Rs. 26,973.00
Portable 4 x 8 Pad Matrix Synthesizer Workstation with 2 Nova Series Synth Engines, 4-part Drum Machine, Effects, 128-step Sequencer, and Onboard Spea
Novation Launchpad MKII
Sale Price
Rs. 12,535.00
USB MIDI Controller for Ableton Live with 64 RGB-backlit Pads, 8 Scene-launching Buttons, Bi-directional Ableton Live Communication, and Ableton Live
Akai Professional APC Mini
Sale Price
Rs. 0.00
Dedicated Ableton Live Control Surface with 8 x 8 Clip-launch Button Matrix, 9 Multi-purpose Sliders, Soft Buttons, and Bundled Software
Akai Professional MPD226
Sale Price
Rs. 18,500.00
Class-compliant USB Pad Controller with 16 Multicolor Backlit MPC Pads, 4 Faders, 4 Knobs, 4 Buttons, Transport Controls, MIDI I/O, and Bundled Soft.
Sale Price
Rs. 42,800.00
8 touch-sensitive motorized channel faders Expansion Board for the Qcon Pro
Extender for Qcon Pro
Novation Launchpad Pro
Sale Price
Rs. 23,648.00
USB MIDI Controller for Ableton Live with 64 Velocity- and Pressure-sensitive Pads and 32 RGB Backlit Round Buttons
Avid Artist Mix
Sale Price
Rs. 105,000.00
Compact Control Surface with 8 Touch-sensitive Motorized Faders, Rotary Encoders, Programmable Buttons, and Ethernet Connectivity - Mac/PC
Delivery Period 2-3 Weeks !
Avid Artist Control V2
Sale Price
Rs. 115,000.00
DAW Control Surface with Programmable Touchscreen, 4 Touch-sensitive Motorized Faders, Programmable Knobs and Buttons, Transport Controls, and Monitor
Delivery Period 2-3 Weeks !
ICON iKey (Black)
Sale Price
Rs. 4,470.00
25-key USB MIDI Controller Keyboard - Black
Novation Zero SL MkII
Sale Price
Rs. 24,000.00
USB MIDI Control Surface with 8 Trigger Pads, 8 Encoders, 8 60mm Faders, 32 Buttons, and Automap
Native Instruments Maschine Jam
Sale Price
Rs. 37,975.00
Complete Groove Production Hardware Control Surface and Software System with 9GB of Content and Komplete 11 Select Software - Mac/PC AAX, VST, AU.
Akai Professional APC40 MKII
Sale Price
Rs. 36,000.00
USB Performance Controller for Ableton Live, with 8 Encoders, 9 Faders, 1 Crossfader, and Clip Launch Matrix
Novation Launchpad Mini
Sale Price
Rs. 8,116.00
Compact Pad Controller with 64 x Tricolor Backlit Performance Pads and 16 x Programmable Soft Buttons
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