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usb audio interfaces, studio monitors,studio and recording equipment, condenser microphones M audio, Studio audio monitors
STUDIO & RECORDING GEARS  >>  500 Series Modules
  500 Series Modules
API   Rupert Neve Designs  
elysia   TK Audio  
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elysia mpressor 500
Sale Price
Rs. 42,800.00
1-ch 500 Series Compressor with Auto Fast Attack, Anti Log Circuit, Negative Ratios, Gain Reduction Limiter, THD Boost Harmonic Enhancement
elysia nvelope 500
Sale Price
Rs. 86,199.00
Stereo/Dual Mono EQ and Dynamics Processor
Rupert Neve Designs R6
Sale Price
Rs. 48,000.00
500 Series Chassis with LED Current Consumption Meter, XLR, TRS, and DB-25 I/O and Double-shielded Internal Power Supply
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TK Audio SP501 500 Series Class A Mic Preamp
Sale Price
Rs. 0.00
500 Series Transformer-balanced Class A Mic Preamp with High-gain Design, Selectable Output Stages, Hi-z Instrument Input, Sweepable Highpass Filter,
API 512V - 500 Series Discrete Mic Preamp
Sale Price
Rs. 91,800.00
500 Series Discrete Mic/Line/Instrument Preamp with Output Level Control and 3:1 Output Transformer Tap Switch
elysia xpressor 500
Sale Price
Rs. 86,199.00
500 Series Compressor Module
API 550b
Sale Price
Rs. 119,200.00
Modular 4-band Equalizer, 500 Series, With 7 API-selected Frequency Centers, 12dB of Boost/Cut Per Band, and Proportional Q Control
elysia xfilter 500
Sale Price
Rs. 86,199.00
500 Series Stereo Equalizer Module
API 500-8B Lunchbox
Sale Price
Rs. 42,000.00
8-slot 500 Series Rack with DB-25 Connectivity, Phantom Power, and Linkable Channels
Rupert Neve Designs 511
Sale Price
Rs. 45,000.00
500 Series Preamp with Sweepable Highpass Filter
Rupert Neve Designs 542 Tape Emulator with Silk
Sale Price
Rs. 67,552.00
500 Series Preamp with "True Tape" Silk/Texture Circuitry
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 543
Sale Price
Rs. 90,221.00
500 Series Mono VCA Compressor
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