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  Antelope Audio Orion32 HD  

Product Code: Orion32HD

64-channel Pro Tools Audio Interface with HDX, USB3, MADI, ADAT, S/PDIF, and DB-25 Connectivity, Proprietary DSP Effects, 64-bit AFC Clocking, and Mastering-grade Monitor Outputs - Mac/PC

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Rs. 290,000.00

The Orion32 HD builds on Antelope Audio's world-class clocking and conversion technology to deliver an advanced Pro Tools HD and Native audio interface that concurrently streams 64 channels of 192kHz audio with inaudibly low latency; FPGA-modeled vintage effects; and software control of routing, mixing, and real-time FX processing. The Orion32 HD offers generous connectivity, with enough I/O to track a full band via HDX, USB3, MADI, ADAT, S/PDIF, and DB-25 — all in a sleek, cool-running 1RU chassis that needs no fans. Compatible with all DAWs, the Antelope Audio Orion32 HD is the ideal hub for your studio or mobile recording rig.

Multiple monitor mixes, mastering-grade monitoring, unprecedented flexibility

In the Orion family tradition, the Orion32 HD is a flexible audio interface that works brilliantly with all DAWs. Not only does it stream an impressive 64 audio channels during tracking; it also supports multiple monitor mixes and offers integrated hardware-based FPGA effects and independent software mixers. Antelope's audiophile sensibilities make monitoring on the Orion32 HD pure pleasure: the sound is transparent, detailed, and natural. And with 32 analog outputs plus HDX, USB3, MADI, ADAT, and S/PDIF, the Orion32 HD has enough I/O to track a full band.


World-class clocking and conversion

Antelope Audio's acclaimed 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management is the technology behind the Orion32 HD's unrivaled clocking accuracy. AFC technology, used in top mastering facilities worldwide, delivers some of the most analog-sounding audio conversion we've heard here. Expect wide and balanced frequency response, sparkling transients, and vast stereo imaging with an uncanny sense of depth and dimension. This is sonic perfection, Antelope-style, as in their ground-breaking OCX HD and Trinity master clocks.


Hardware-based emulations of classic processors

Antelope Audio's FPGA technology allows Orion32 HD near-zero latency performance and also powers the FPGA effects suite with digital re-creations of classic hardware processors. FPGA effects respond more like hardware compared with many other plug-ins thanks to this powerful processing platform. Antelope's included FPGA suite delivers spot-on emulations of vintage processors.


Killer FX, no latency

Sweeten tracks with authentic models of legendary EQs, such as the Lang PEQ1, the BAE 1073, 1084, and 1023, and the Helios69. Compress to perfection with the FET76. Nail your ultimate guitar tone by combining vintage and modern amp and cabinet simulations. Add luxurious dimensionality with AuraVerb, designed by Antelope's ace programmers. It runs in real time on Antelope's modeling engine, so you can use it for tracking as well as mixdown with virtually no latency. All of these effects processors can be instantiated on any input, output, or DAW track, making Orion32 HD a powerful virtual effects rack. And these effects are just the beginning. Antelope's engineers are continuously working on creating new models of classic vintage gear, and you can add them to your software suite as they become available.

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