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Product Code: DBox
Summing/Monitoring System with Two Speaker Outputs, D/A Converter, and Talkback
Rs. 154,111.00

1The Dangerous Music D-Box combination Summing and Monitoring System provides an analog summing and monitor management solution for DAW based systems. More and more records are being tracked and mixed in remote or temporary locations with mobile DAW rigs. Control room setups can be tight. A reliable and flexible audio environment is a must. No need to sacrifice mix quality or struggle with monitor control! For integrated monitoring, mixing, and input selection for the computer musician on the go, the Dangerous D-Box is the uncompromising and affordable solution for all DAW-based musicians and engineers who need to trust what they hear. If you find yourself mixing in a variety of situations, don't mix without the D-Box!

Dangerous Music D-Box Features:

  • Analog Summing 
  • Monitor Control 
  • Superb On-board D/A Conversion 
  • Talkback 
  • Headphone Cue 
  • Simultaneous Input Monitoring
  • 2 Speaker Outputs
  • Affordable for All DAW Studio Owners
  • 8 input dedicated fixed-gain analog summing buss 
  • Master output trim with 10 dB range 
  • Inputs 7-8 with pan control 
  • Signal present indicators for all inputs 
  • Analog and digital capable input selector designed specifically to facilitate the analog summing workflow 
  • Programmable exclusive/additive function- listen to selected inputs individually or combined 
  • 2 digital inputs - AES or S/PDIF 32kHZ - 100kHz sample rate 
  • Auxiliary stereo analog input- +4 dBU or - 10 dBV programmable 
  • Mono function 
  • Built-in talkback microphone with "momentoggle" switching 
  • 2 headphone outputs with independent level controls
  • Auxiliary talkback switch input

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