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Brand: API Audio Model: 2500+ Stereo Bus Compressor
The API 2500+ Stereo Bus Compressor allows adjustment of sonic qualities to alter the punch and tone of the stereo mix. The 19-inch, rack-mountable unit features a dual-channel design that can be configured for stereo compression or for use as two separate units via a single compression setting..
INR 286,000
Ex Tax:INR 242,373
Brand: API Audio Model: 312 500 Series Microphone Preamp
Huge, punchy drums, in your face. Beautifully open vocals, loud ā€™nā€™ proud, front-and-center. Big guitars, wide as a barn. This is the classic American sound of API. Countless iconic records were recorded through API consoles in the Golden Age of Analog, every mic pumped up larger-than-life through t..
INR 70,211
Ex Tax:INR 59,501
Brand: API Audio Model: 500-6B 6-slot 500 Series Lunchbox
The API 500-6B lunchbox is a 6-slot rack designed to accept all API standard 5.25" X 1.5" modules. This quality allows an engineer the flexibility to bring along specialized EQ effects to any situation: 550A, 550b or 560. The lunchbox has an internal power supply with a rear panel selected AC voltag..
INR 57,583
Ex Tax:INR 48,799
Brand: API Audio Model: 500-8 8-slot 500 Series Lunchbox
The new 8-slot lunchbox includes all of the features that have made the 6-slot lunchbox (500-6B) so well regarded in the industry, including DB-25 (D-Sub) connectors for easy I/O, universal power supply (100 or 250V, 47 to 63Hz), phantom power, and easy rack-mounting with optional rack-ear kit. Buil..
INR 45,000
Ex Tax:INR 38,136
Brand: API Audio Model: 500V 10-slot 500 Series Lunchbox
The API Model 500VPR is powered externally by a tri-polar power supply and is designed to accept API standard format 5.25" X 1.5" modules. The 500VPR is internally wired for PIN 2 hot, and comes with the API L200PS. The input/output jacks are both XLRs. The 500VPR can hold up to ten API modules. API..
INR 82,000
Ex Tax:INR 69,492
API 512C 500 Series Microphone Preamp
Delivery Period : 2-3 Weeks
Brand: API Audio Model: 512c 500 Series Microphone Preamp
Punchy. Open. Musical. These are the words award-winning producers and engineers use to describe the sound of the API 512v 500 Series Microphone Preamp. For over 50 years artists have been using API preamps to bring their recordings to life. Add the classic API tone to your 500 series rack with the ..
INR 77,615
Ex Tax:INR 65,775
Brand: API Audio Model: API 529 500 Series Stereo Compressor
The API 529 Stereo Compressor provides all the sonic qualities we expect from an API compressor by using the legendary 2510 and 2520 op amps with transformer outputs, but now in the convenient dual slot 500 series format. The 529 functions very similarly to the classic 2500 series compressor, wit..
INR 190,352
Ex Tax:INR 161,315
Brand: API Audio Model: 5500 2-channel Parametric Equalizer
The lineage of the API 5500 circuit can be traced back to the original 550 equalizer designed by Saul Walker, the founder of Automated Processes Inc.  The 550 was designed as a console equalizer which, due to the architecture of the recording console, uses an unbalanced input.  Because the..
INR 260,000
Ex Tax:INR 220,339
Brand: API Audio Model: The Channel Strip Microphone Preamp, EQ & Compressor
The Channel Strip, from API, is a complete input module with mic pre, dynamics processing, precision EQ and output level control.  With extensive signal metering, multiple balanced insert points and an output mute switch, the Channel Strip contains the best features of a large console input cha..
INR 260,000
Ex Tax:INR 220,339
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