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Audient EVO 4 USB Audio Interface

Capture your microphones and instruments and start recording audio directly to your computer with the Audient EVO 4 USB Audio Interface and its intuitive feature set. Combining leading tech specs with incredible performance and sound quality, EVO 4 is the perfect interface for beginners and pros alike. Made for the smart creative, EVO 4 will deliver a powerful recording solution no matter your art-form.

Whether recording your latest track, producing a beat, or creating a podcast, get your ideas down fast with EVO 4’s advanced and versatile feature set.


Building on Audient’s 20+ years of audio design experience, EVO 4 gives you unrivalled audio quality on your desktop. EVO 4’s innovative technical design ensures you will get professional quality recordings from the start.

Get the most from your microphones with the clean, warm and accurate EVO preamps – offering 58 dB of gain range. Hear your recordings more accurately than ever with 113 dB of dynamic range. Plug your guitar or bass straight in through the JFET instrument input and start recording instantly.


Make sure you capture everything perfectly with Smartgain mode. Start playing or singing and Smartgain mode will automatically set the level of your microphones. You can even perfectly match and adjust gain to both channels simultaneously.

  • Set gain correctly
  • Avoid clipping and distortion
  • Get better recordings
  • Work independently


Smart touchpoints allow you to control your speakers, headphones and channels all from one knob. Individually switch phantom power on/off for each channel and give your microphones the power they need to perform. Make effortless recordings with ultra-low latency monitoring. Set levels and activate features from your computer.


Compatible with all major audio software and plugins, EVO 4 comes bundled with a collection of professional software, giving you everything you need to start recording.


  • 2 x EVO mic preamps designed to sound clean, detailed and accurate
  • Class-leading AKM converters (AD/DA)
  • Smartgain allows you to dial in your channels automatically
  • Smart Touchpoints provide intuitive and fast control at your fingertips
  • JFET instrument input for guitars, basses, keyboards and more
  • Speaker and headphone outputs
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows and iOS
  • Monitor mix for ultra-low latency when recording
  • Monitor pan for headphone mixes
  • Loopback allowing you to record your computer audio simultaneously
  • USB2.0 Bus Powered
  • Phantom power - true bus powered +48V
  • DAW-controlled mic pres - set levels using compatible software
  • 24-bit/96 kHz resolution for stunning audio quality
  • Free Software + Plugins

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