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Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)

Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)
Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)
Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)
Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)
Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)
Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)
Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)
Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)

Avid Pro Tools Studio makes music creation easy and fun for beginners and seasoned pros alike — it's the same DAW software used by major recording studios and broadcast-grade video post houses, but scaled down for music production. This Pro Tools Studio subscription arms you with everything you need to design, edit, and mix music, including surround and immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos and Ambisonics. You get powerful real-time MIDI tools, plus an ample cache of instruments, effects, and sounds. Your projects will benefit from a 32-bit audio engine, yielding unrivaled depth, dimension, and dynamic range. You also get tight integration with Avid audio interfaces and surfaces that offers DSP acceleration for near-zero latency and unmatched hands-on control. Beyond that, a subscription to Pro Tools Studio comes with Avid's Complete Bundle, plus a full year of software updates and Standard support. When you need to sound your best, nothing delivers like Pro Tools Studio.

Industry-leading recording, editing, and mixing

There's a reason why Pro Tools is the go-to DAW for countless recording studios and editing suites around the world: it's powerful and it simply works. With Pro Tools Studio, you can create, record, edit, and mix Grammy-level productions quickly and easily via an ultra-streamlined, 2-window user interface. All of your vital controls and commands are right at your fingertips, and most advanced functions are only an additional click away. What's more, Pro Tools Studio employs a 32-bit audio engine that yields you incredible depth, dimension, and dynamic range for unrivaled sound quality.

Tailor-made for music production

With its ability to tackle up to 512 audio tracks, Avid Pro Tools Studio is tailor-made for music production. You also get 128 aux tracks, 512 instrument tracks, and 1,024 MIDI tracks. Pro Tools Studio supports one video track for small-scale video productions. You also get 128 routing folders and support for 64 channels of native I/O.

Provides ample hardware compatibility

With Pro Tools Studio, you'll enjoy compatibility with wide range of hardware, including Carbon interfaces and S6L control surfaces. You'll be able to track and mix massive productions with near-zero latency. Plus, you can power your entire studio with tightly integrated audio interfaces and surfaces, yielding industry-leading DSP acceleration and unparalleled hands-on control.

Minimize downtime with Standard support

For audio professionals, time is money — downtime isn't an option. That's why your Avid Pro Tools Studio subscription includes Standard support. This entitles you to unlimited support for billing and administration cases, with a 1-day response time. You also get one troubleshooting call per month with a 4-hour response time, unlimited web/email troubleshooting with a 1-day response time, and immediate access to Avid's video library, Knowledge Base, forums, and more.

Native Surround/Dolby Atmos/Ambisonics mixing

If you're working with Surround Sound, Dolby Atmos, or Ambisonics content, Pro Tools Studio delivers the industry-proven streamlined workflows professionals rely on. Thanks to native support for multichannel audio, Pro Tools Studio can tackle video game design, VR audio, and more completely in the box — no console required.

Comes with Avid's Complete Plug-in Bundle

The Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle is included with your Pro Tools Studio subscription. This bundle features every audio plug-in that Avid has to offer, including classic compressors and EQs, studio effects, stompboxes, reverbs, guitar amps, and more. If you work in the box, you need a collection of top-shelf plug-ins. And with the Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle, you'll have every tool you need. They're a must-have for Pro Tools users.

Avid Pro Tools Studio Annual Subscription Features:

  • Included software: Pro Tools Studio
  • Audio tracks: 512
  • Aux tracks: 128
  • Instrument tracks: 512
  • MIDI tracks: 1024
  • VCA tracks: 128
  • Master tracks: 64
  • Video tracks: 1
  • Routing folders: 128
  • Native I/O: 64
  • Support: Standard
  • Hardware supported: Native, Carbon, S6L
  • Surround/Atmos/Ambiosonic mixing: Yes
  • Clip FX: Clip FX editing
  • Bounce mix multistep: Yes
  • AAF/OMF import/export: Yes
  • Included plug-ins: Complete Bundle
  • Heat: Yes
  • GrooveCell/SynthCell virtual instruments: Yes
  • Inner Circle Rewards: Yes with annual subscription only

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Avid Pro Tools Studio - Annual Subscription (E-License)