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Bettermaker Bus Compressor

Like the 2019 TEC Award-nominated Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer and the rest of the award-winning Bettermaker product line, the Bettermaker Stereo Bus Compressor combines a pristine stereo analog signal path (newsworthy in its own right!) with digital recall and parameter control, and/or automation from a cross-platform plug-in. In other words, Bettermaker users get all of the unmatched sonics of a boutique analog signal path with all of the convenience of a plug-in.

The Bettermaker Bus Compressor is designed for critical tracking, mixing, and mastering work. Think of it as an awesome stereo analog compressor first and foremost, one that’s in league with all of the most revered manufacturers in the industry. Then add complete digital control of all parameters for instant recall from the front panel and recall and automation from our Bettermaker plug-in.


Bettermaker Bus Compressor Features:

  • Advanced analog VCA compressor with PEAK/RMS detection and switchable forward/backward feed
  • All parameters are digitally controlled via front panel and/or DAW (with dedicated plug-in)
  • Sidechain preview function
  • Bettermaker's famous BM mode
  • Dry/Wet Mix control for parallel compression
  • HPF in sidechain with option of hardware insert
  • Adjustable THD function for harmonically rich sound
  • 6 push-button encoders
  • On-board measurement of Peak/RMS levels
  • 100% analog audio signal path
  • Total recall and A/B comparison
  • USB connectivity for Mac/PC

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