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Brand: Dangerous Music Model: 2 Bus-XT 16 Channel Analog Summing Mixer
The Dangerous Music 2-BUS-XT is a 16-channel analog summing mixer that features new ways to shape mixes. Using the same summing technology found in the groundbreaking 2-BUS+, the 2-BUS-XT delivers crisp, detailed and punchy mixes for those utilizing hybrid setups. A straightforward layout makes setu..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: Convert-8 8 Channel D/A Converter
DEDICATED MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERSIONWhether you’re tracking, mixing or mastering, the CONVERT-8 will deliver powerful low-end, articulate mids and transcendent highs to every channel in your analog rig. Patched into one of our award-winning analog summing units like the 2-BUS+ or the..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: 2-BUS+ Analog Summing Mixer
Dangerous Music invented the stand-alone analog summing mixer with the ground-breaking 2-BUS back in 1999, and now we’re redefining mixing yet again with the 2-BUS+. With a redesigned analog summing circuit that exceeds previous specifications, the 2-BUS+ delivers unsurpassed imaging, dimensionality..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: BAX EQ Mastering and Mix Bus EQ
THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR EQ If you’ve ever adjusted the bass and treble on a hi-end stereo system, a boom box or car stereo, then you’ve used a Baxandall EQ. Originally designed by the now legendary electronics designer Peter Baxandall, these are the world’s most popular EQ curves for a good reaso..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: Compressor
The Dangerous Music COMPRESSOR is a mastering-grade unit that gives you a fistful of control over your signal. Like all Chris Muth designs, the COMPRESSOR is packed with cutting-edge engineering, premium components, and genuinely useful features like Auto Attack/Release, Smart Dynamics dual-slope de..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: Dangerous Music CONVERT-2 2-channel D/A Converter
Dangerous has been building award-winning, standard-setting converters since 2002 when the Dangerous Monitor’s onboard digital-to-analog converter (DAC) swiftly became the industry reference. They’ve been asked over the years to build a stand alone DAC, and it's finally here in the CONVERT series. E..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter
The Dangerous Music Convert-AD+ is the most advanced converter on the market, compacted into a single rack space unit and offering five new incredible features never before seen on an A/D converter. Switchable dual inputs allow you to switch between any two balanced line inputs with the press of a ..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: D-BOX+ Monitor Controller & Summing Mixer
The Dangerous Music D-BOX+ is a fully redesigned version of the award-winning D-BOX controller and summing mixer. Equipped with an upgraded 8-channel summing mixer, mastering-grade D-A stereo converters, and new features like Bluetooth connectivity and remote control, the D-BOX+ is the ultimate cont..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: LIAISON Analog Master Router
PROGRAMMABLE PATCHING IN ANALOG Instant recall is no longer just for digital. With the Dangerous Music LIAISON you can store and recall complex analog patches that include up to six stereo or mono analog paths. You’ll experience the ease and quickness of digital plug-ins with your analog rig! Want ..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: MASTER Mastering Transfer Console
Dangerous Music's MASTER brings the amazing analog sound and functionality of previous Dangerous boxes to the mastering world with a truly unique approach that will give your projects an edge over your competitors. Three insert points are front-panel switchable for integrating external analog proces..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: MONITOR ST Monitor Controller with Remote Control
NOTE: Due to the impact on supply chain and parts issues, delivery of products has been impacted from the manufacture end, so we request you to place an order in advance if you are looking for any Dangerous Music products or consult us. Unlike other monitor controllers that color and distort yo..
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: SOURCE Monitor Controller
Dangerous Music's SOURCE is the all-in-one portable monitoring system project studio engineers have been waiting for! The Dangerous SOURCE gives you access to a complete set of audio sources, including USB and AES digital audio, as well as a balanced XLR and an 1/8" stereo input. Separate source sel..
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