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Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter

Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter
Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter
Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter
Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter
Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter
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  • Model: CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter
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The Dangerous Music Convert-AD+ is the most advanced converter on the market, compacted into a single rack space unit and offering five new incredible features never before seen on an A/D converter.

Switchable dual inputs allow you to switch between any two balanced line inputs with the press of a button. This can allow you to set up and compare two separate mastering chains and easily bounce back and forth to see which one best suits the song. Easily switch between your current mix and compare it to the original rough mix or previous mix you may be revising. This can also be used to easily switch between recording and mixing modes.

The new proprietary clip guard technology removes all clipping from your digital prints with zero change in the audio quality, even if you’re purposefully clipping the converter for an enhanced sonic effect. This helps with preparing your mixes to be released on digital distribution platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, which scans for clipped masters and will either reject them because of the level being too hot or attenuate them which would change the integrity of your initial mix.

Zoomable meters allow you to hone in on the top 10 dB of dynamic activity, which in modern music production is usually where the bulk of the mix rests: between the average level and highest peak transients. This is a very helpful tool when preparing the perfect level to send off to a mastering engineer, or for the mastering engineer to produce the proper level on the finished product.

Switch between different sets of transformers to find what coloring will be best for the final product. Two Hammond transformers are wired in series and switchable with the press of a button. Hammond is a Canadian company that has specialized in transformer design for over 100 years, their circuits help bring out the depth in the low end and crystal clear clarity we are used to hearing from Dangerous products.

With the Emphasis control, you can dial in the amount of transformer coloration you desire. While increasing the amount of emphasis from the circuits, you’re adding a carefully constructed EQ and compression algorithm that will enhance the sonic characters of the mix. Choose to dial it in to taste, or use none at all.

Dangerous provides the stability of the Convert-AD+ through it’s Jitter Elimination Technology, or JET. The patented clocking technology reduces jitter to a point where it’s simply not an issue in the audio path, ensuring the best possible mix or master possible. Convert-AD+ is fully equipped to become your studio’s master clock.

Dangerous Music CONVERT-AD+ Stereo A/D Converter Features:

  • Adjustable Sample Rate supports 6 sample rates for universal compatibility with other devices
  • Selectable Calibration Level cycles through 3 calibration levels for compatibility with other devices
  • 2 switchable, discrete stereo inputs with 2 switchable stereo input paths
  • Clip Guard removes all clipping from your digital signal without changing the sound
  • Premium custom digital meter with Normal and Peak Hold modes for precise visual feedback
  • Zoomable metering provides magnified resolution, letting you view the top 10dB of your signal level
  • Word clock with 3 modes: internal, external, and master
  • X-Former button engages Chris Muth circuitry incorporating a pair of customized Hammond transformers
  • Emphasis shelving EQ/compressor induces 2nd-order harmonics for increased warmth and sparkle
  • USB to host connection for Mac/PC
  • Dual AES outputs
  • ADAT optical output
  • S/PDIF optical output
  • S/PDIF coax output

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