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HEDD Base 08 300-watt 8 inch Subwoofer with DSP

HEDD Base 08 300-watt 8 inch Subwoofer with DSP
HEDD Base 08 300-watt 8 inch Subwoofer with DSP

The HEDD BASS 08 subwoofer can be combined with previous HEDD monitor models as well as any other active speaker system. However, their full potential lies in the seamless integration with the HEDD MK2 models.


Implemented in the MK2 and subwoofer models is HEDD's well-known Linearizer, a phase linearization tool that leads to perfect impulse response and an audibly improved spatial reproduction. The MK2 Monitors have a new and improved lacquer for higher durability and better looks. The monitors will also be available in white.


Users for the first time can choose between the energy and bass-capacities of a modern bass-port design and the painstaking precision and control of a closed cabinet approach. Removable plugs for the bass reflex tubes, together with accordingly designed filter set ups allow optimum results in either mode.


HEDD are introducing a completely phase linear Sat-Sub system. These are the first Satellite Sub systems that are completely "right in time" by combining a phase linearized subwoofer with a correspondingly time delayed (group delayed) satellite output. Additionally the listener can compensate eventual distances between subwoofers and satellites to stay with linear phase reproduction for the complete system.

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