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Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces

Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Antelope Audio - Galaxy 32 Synergy Core (Now Dolby Atmos-Ready)
IMPORTANT NEWS: Antelope Audio have released a recent update that introduces surround and immersive monitoring control and speaker calibration functionality to their flagship Galaxy 32 Synergy Core interface. Supporting monitoring setups of up to 16 channels and offering comprehensive..
Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Discrete 4 Synergy Core USB/Thunderbolt Audio Interface
The Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core is state-of-the-art recording interface with four console-grade preamps, world-class digital audio converters, and cutting-edge DSP processing. Complete with a massive collection of top-selling plug-ins, Discrete 4 Synergy Core has everything you need to re..
Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Discrete 8 Pro Synergy Core Audio Interface
The Discrete 8 Pro version improves on its predecessor by unlocking Antelope latest software features and improving the sound quality even further. The audio interface has been redesigned to give studio owners, bands, and recording engineers more flexibility in every recording scenario. SO..
Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Galaxy 64 Synergy Core Dante/HDX/Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface
The Antelope Audio Galaxy 64 Synergy Core is a high-end recording system that connects your entire studio within a 2U rack space while providing high-fidelity audio and onboard plug-in processing for your most demanding projects. With Dante, HDX and Thunderbolt connectivity, the world’s first 64-cha..
Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Orion 32 + Gen 3
ITEM DESCRIPTION The Antelope Audio Orion 32+ Gen 3 is a super quick sound interface that offers consistent availability to any DAW. Stream up to 64 channels of 24-bit, 192 kHz sound sign through Thunderbolt or 32 channels by means of USB. Orion 32+ offers zero-idleness observing, flawless AD/DA tr..
Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Orion Studio Synergy Core Thunderbolt 3 & USB Interface
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Coreis a cutting-edge Thunderbolt 3 and USB interface with 12 all-discrete preamps and unparalleled DSP power. With Antelope’s groundbreaking Synergy Core FX and renowned FPGA professing, the Orion Studio Synergy Core is a world-class r..
Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Zen Go Synergy Core Thunderbolt Interface
The Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core is a portable desktop Thunderbolt 3 interface that allows self-recording artists to record from virtually anywhere. This device incorporates the same Antelope Audio technology employed by award-winning producers, from our renowned 64-bit AFC clocking technology..
Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Zen Q Synergy Core 14x10 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface
The Zen Q Synergy Core is an audio interface specifically designed to bring professional studio performance to any desktop setup. The compact design houses leading AD/DA converter chips, Discrete ultra-linear mic preamps, and 64-bit AFC™ clocking system based on Antelope Audio’s legendary master clo..
Brand: Antelope Audio Model: Zen Tour Synergy Core 18 x 26 USB / Thunderbolt Audio Interface
The Antelope's Audio Zen Tour Synergy Core is a state-of-the-art professional desktop recording interface. Equipped with multiple ARM DSP and FPGA chips in custom configurations, the Zen Tour Synergy offers twice as much processing power as previous generations. Combined with studio-quality preamps,..
Brand: Lynx Studio Model: Aurora (n) 16-TB3 16-channel AD/DA Thunderbolt 3 Interface
The Lynx Aurora (n) 16-TB3 with preinstalled LT-TB3 option provides you with pro-quality digital conversion and ultra-low-latency performance. The Aurora (n) 16-TB3 gives you up to 192kHz analog to digital and digital to analog conversion with front panel control of all routing and sample rate optio..
Brand: Lynx Studio Model: Aurora (n) 8-TB3 8-channel Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface
The U.S. made Lynx Studio Technology Aurora(n) line represents a quantum leap in the performance, flexibility, channel count and features of available A/D and D/A converters — and in value. The new 1RU modular platform, a complete redesign of the original Aurora, is available in versions s..
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