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Mastering AD/DA Converters

Brand: Dangerous Music Model: Dangerous Music CONVERT-2 2-channel D/A Converter
Dangerous has been building award-winning, standard-setting converters since 2002 when the Dangerous Monitor’s onboard digital-to-analog converter (DAC) swiftly became the industry reference. They’ve been asked over the years to build a stand alone DAC, and it's finally here in the CONVERT series. E..
INR 247,145
Ex Tax:INR 209,445
Brand: Dangerous Music Model: CONVERT-AD+ Stereo Digital Converter
The Dangerous Music Convert-AD+ is the most advanced converter on the market, compacted into a single rack space unit and offering five new incredible features never before seen on an A/D converter. Switchable dual inputs allow you to switch between any two balanced line inputs with the press of a ..
INR 259,418
Ex Tax:INR 219,846
Brand: Lynx Studio Model: Hilo with USB - Black
The Lynx Studio Technology Hilo Reference AD/DA Converter System re-engineers and redefines the concept and functionality of the two-channel converter. Essentially three units in one: A/D converter; D/A converter; and headphone amplifier, Hilo offers connectivity, performance and control never befor..
INR 201,800
Ex Tax:INR 171,017
Brand: Lynx Studio Model: Hilo with USB - Silver
World-class Digital Converters and Monitoring System Want world-class conversion? The Lynx Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter System gives it to you. Three high-performance components in one — an A/D converter, a D/A converter, and a high-end headphone amp (with its own dedicated D/A converter), Hilo..
INR 201,800
Ex Tax:INR 171,017
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