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Brand: AVID Model: Pro Tools with 1 Year of Updates+ Support Plan - Subscription
Avid Pro Tools makes music creation easy and fun for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Its optimized audio engine is the epitome of efficiency. Its interface is as easy to use as a tape deck, and its editing is legendary. Best of all, Pro Tools continues to evolve — new features are being added all..
INR 22,160
Ex Tax:INR 18,780
Brand: AVID Model: Dock Control Surface
The Avid Pro Tools Dock is based on the advanced touchscreen workflows on the Master Touch Module of the award-winning Pro Tools | S6. Both systems demonstrate the philosophy that mixers need the best of physical faders, knobs, and switches in conjunction with touchscreen technology for things like ..
INR 91,200
Ex Tax:INR 77,288
Brand: AVID Model: Pro Tools Ultimate with 1-year Updates + Subscription
Pro Tools is the industry-standard software production platform; however, if you want to use what major recording studios and broadcast-grade video post-production houses are using, you need to step up to Pro Tools | Ultimate. In addition to the standard Pro Tools features, you get up to 384 audio t..
INR 82,211
Ex Tax:INR 69,670
Brand: AVID Model: S1 Desktop Control Surface
The Avid S1 Control Surface is a compact control surface that offers in-depth hands-on control of your favorite audio and video software. Based on the best-selling Avid S3, the S1 delivers the same intuitive interface and rich visual feedback in a streamlined package. Ideal for producers, engineers ..
INR 132,104
Ex Tax:INR 111,953
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