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Lynx Hilo with USB - Silver

World-class Digital Converters and Monitoring System

Want world-class conversion? The Lynx Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter System gives it to you. Three high-performance components in one — an A/D converter, a D/A converter, and a high-end headphone amp (with its own dedicated D/A converter), Hilo serves up the pristine, transparent audio quality for which Lynx is famous. You also get a 32-channel internal mixer, along with other useful features — all controlled from an intuitive LCD touchscreen. For mastering and critical listening, you want the best conversion technology available — the Lynx Hilo Reference.

Delivers Lynx's stunning signal quality

Thanks to their reputation for extremely high-quality equipment, Lynx ensure that top-end engineers and producers get the level of audio quality they need. Hilo reference converter system more than upholds Lynx's reputation for pristine, transparent audio quality. That's largely thanks to the Hilo's impressive analog stages, which integrate flawlessly with their converter topology to raise the bar for low distortion, minimal noise, and expansive stereo imaging.

Connect all your gear via extensive native I/O

The I/O integrated directly into your Hilo makes it an ideal central hub for your professional audio-production monitoring system. This compact conversion rig includes a total of 12 inputs and 16 outputs, with analog and digital connections for all of your gear. Connect a stereo analog device plus AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and ADAT digital sources, all at once. There's also premium clocking onboard with word clock I/O! And you can control it all via the internal 32-channel.

LT-USB offers effortless integration with your computer

If you're planning to use your Hilo as a direct monitoring interface with your favorite DAW, then the Hilo with USB is a great choice. This preloaded LT-USB LSlot card delivers 16 channels of 24-bit/96kHz I/O over USB 2.0. Talk about an excellent digital interface — just what you need on top of premium monitoring. What's more, it makes it easy to upgrade your Hilo when new patches and improvements to its operating system come out.

Multimode metering for detailed feedback

If you happen to work in broadcasting or post production, then you know how critical good metering can be. Fortunately, the Hilo doesn't just offer one kind of metering, it includes real-time analysis tools as well. Whether you want detailed graphical metering, traditional VUs, RTAs that cover the full frequency spectrum, or a complete overview of all of your I/O, your metering of choice is just a tap away.

Total setup control via simple front-panel control

Metering is just one of the great aspects of the Hilo's touchscreen LCD. This multipurpose user interface lets you access all kinds of advanced settings, without needing to reach for the remote control software. From the routing menu, you can set levels, channel modes, and mute states for your outputs, as well as level offsets. Likewise, the monitoring menu provides simple controls for channel level matching, all of which you can control globally from the master volume. Want to setup and recall different settings to go with specific applications? No problem, thanks to scene storage and recall. And when it comes to other advanced settings, you can access all of them, from sample rate to clock source.

Software control options let you dive into settings

When it's time to dive in deep and tweak your Hilo's settings, Lynx's Hilo Remote software is the way to go. This powerful and comprehensive control software is available for your Mac, Windows PC, or even your iPad via the either WiFi or a wired Apple Camera Kit connection. Hilo Remote provides you with extremely detailed analysis and metering, plus you can set up mixes and routing faster than ever. Clock setup is a breeze with Hilo Remote, and the application is so lightweight, you can keep it running in the background while you track or mix.


Lynx Hilo Monitoring and Conversion System Features:

  • An excellent central hub for your professional audio system that combines multi-function monitoring, high-end conversion, and exceptionally detailed monitoring
  • Combines three functions: analog to digital conversion, digital to analog conversion, and high-volume headphone amplification with dedicated conversion
  • Total I/O includes 12 default inputs and 16 default outputs plus up to additional channels dependent on the included LSlot expansion card
  • Included LT-USB LSlot expansion card offers up to 16 channels of digital audio and convenient computer control/upgrade connectivity via USB 2.0
  • Multipurpose 480 x 272 pixel LCD touchscreen allows you to fully configure your system with easy front-panel controls and clear visual feedback
  • A 32-channel internal mixer in the updatable FPGA provides a powerful and comprehensive way to mix and monitor multiple sources
  • Innovative analog stage and converter topology design deliver ultra low noise and distortion performance of exceptional clarity and stereo imaging
  • Includes 3 unique sets of analog outputs: main XLR analog outs, 1/4" monitor outs, and a stereo headphone out
  • Each set of outputs features an independent volume control, allowing you to set up complex routings for multiple simultaneous applications
  • Flexible digital I/O offers a choice of AES/EBU, SPDIF via coax or TOSlink, or ADAT formats, providing connections to recorders, processors, and other recording interfaces
  • AC powered for stationary use, with optional 9–18V battery-powered operation available for fully mobile recording applications
  • Open-ended software platform accommodates future updates for up-to-date functionality



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