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SSL SiX Channel 500 Series Channel Strip

SSL SiX Channel 500 Series Channel Strip
SSL SiX Channel 500 Series Channel Strip
SSL SiX Channel 500 Series Channel Strip
SSL SiX Channel 500 Series Channel Strip
SSL SiX Channel 500 Series Channel Strip

The Solid State Logic SiX CH is a single-width 500 Series module that brings decades of SSL heritage into one compact channel. This particular module follows up on the success of SSL’s SiX and takes the winning formula of the desktop mixer's channel strip and puts it into the 500 Series realm. Lunchbox owners can now take advantage of the SiX's microphone pre-amp, low and high-frequency EQ and single-knob compressor. The SiX Channel strip is a simple way to add additional Mic/Line inputs to any professional audio device, including the Stereo channels of the SiX console.


The SuperAnalogue design provides both Line and Mic facilities with a "Line" gain range switch to cover a wide range of source levels. The nominal Line Input impedance is 10 kΩ. This can be changed to 1 MΩ using the Hi-Z switch. The 1MΩ impedance makes this input suitable for very high impedance sources such as passive guitar pickups without the need for an external DI box. This pre-amp offers a switched 12 dB/oct, 75 Hz High Pass Filter (HPF) to reduce unwanted Low Frequency (LF) such as microphone rumble, AC noise, etc. A polarity switch (ø) inverts the polarity of the rear XLR microphone input, the 48V switch provides phantom power to the condenser microphone and DI boxes. There is a five-segment LED meter that shows the output signal in dBu.


The channel EQ has its roots in the SSL classic E series EQ. It is a gentle broad stroke two-band design with high and low shelving filters at 3.5 kHz and 60 Hz, adjustable from +15 dB to -15 dB of gain. Each band can be independently switched between shelving and bell curves, a feature found on many SSL EQ designs. A useful feature of the bell curves is that they can change center frequencies to operate at 5 kHz and 200 Hz giving greater versatility from the two controls. The EQ is switched “in” circuit or completely bypassed using the “EQ IN” switch. This small detail guarantees no influence on the channel's exceptionally flat frequency response from the tolerance of the EQ control center detent position.


The SiX channel strip compressor is inspired by the earlier SSL analog consoles, but is newly designed with some clever features. It gives a powerful and versatile performance from its deceptively simple "one-knob" appearance. The attack time of the compressor is program-dependent and varies between approximately 8 to 30 ms. This allows the compressor to operate smoothly when working with a wide variety of content. The release time is approximately 300 ms and the ratio is a gentle 2:1. The user controls the adjustable Threshold between +10 and -20 dB. The circuit has automatic make-up gain to maintain the signal level for the full range of Threshold settings.

Solid State Logic SiX Channel 500 Series Channel Strip Features:

  • Equipped with channel processing features found on the renowned SSL SiX Console
  • Clean and punchy SuperAnalogue mic/line/instrument preamp
  • Classic SSL-style high shelving (3.5kHz) and low shelving (60kHz) filters; frequency centers shift to 5kHz and 200Hz in bell mode
  • Surprisingly versatile 1-knob channel compressor with variable threshold and automatic make-up gain
  • 48V phantom power, 12dB/Oct 75Hz highpass filter, and polarity switch
  • Colorful 5-segment LED output signal meter
  • Requires compatible 500 Series chassis


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