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WesAudio Calypso 500 Series Audio Interface

WesAudio Calypso 500 Series Audio Interface
WesAudio Calypso 500 Series Audio Interface
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  • Model: Calypso 500 Series Audio Interface
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The WesAudio Calypso ng500 Series audio interface is like no other. In keeping with WesAudio’s revolutionary ng500 technology, the Calypso seamlessly integrates with the IAC (Internal Audio Connector) inside the _TITAN ng500 Recall chassis for an almost cable-free setup. It will also work in standard 500 Series racks via the two front-panel DB-25 connectors, which can also be used to route audio signal to and from outboard equipment. The Calypso features eight channels of 24-bit AD/DA conversion and ultra-low-jitter clocking. Its LCD displays channel in/out metering as well as controls for functions such as sample rate, word clock settings, and more; and it allows you to route audio in and out of the slots in the chassis to and from the optical and analog I/O.

You don’t need a _TITAN to use Calypso; like all ng500 modules, Calypso is fully functional in most standard 500 Series racks using the two front-panel DB-25 connectors to route signals to and from the chassis. Calypso also presents a convenient way to expand the channel count of an existing audio interface. Simply input the analog signals from your preamps or processors via DB-25 (or internally with a _TITAN ng500 Recall Chassis) and output the digitized signals via ADAT into another ADAT-equipped audio interface.

WesAudio, a company masterminded by Radoslaw Wesolowski and headquartered in Poland, is spearheading an initiative they call “ng500.” The “ng” stands for “next generation.” The company’s ng500 product line starts with 500 Series modules that have a special connector, an extension of the standard connector found on all 500 Series modules. The extra pins on the extended connector mate with receiver connectors in WesAudio’s _TITAN ng500 Recall Chassis. On its rear panel, the _TITAN is fitted with a USB port to connect to your computer, and Ethernet for networked setups. All ng500-compatible modules in the rack will be able to communicate with your computer via a single data cable. Each module includes free downloadable software that appears in your DAW session as a standard plug-in and lets you control your analog hardware with software precision. Every setting and automation move is saved along with your DAW session file.

WesAudio Calypso 500 Series Audio Interface Features:

  • 24-bit AD/DA converters
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz (SMUX), 96kHz (SMUX)
  • Ultra-low-jitter clocking
  • Word clock I/O
  • Full integration with _TITAN ng500 Recall chassis via IAC connector
  • Only ADAT cables are needed to route signal to and from chassis
  • DB-25 connectors allow integration with any standard 500 Series chassis
  • Two converter reference levels: +8dBu, -10dBV
  • LCD screen with channel metering
  • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz ±0.1dB
  • Input THD+N (unweighted): -108dB (0.0004%)
  • Input(ADC) Dynamic range (unweighted): 116dB
  • Input(ADC) Gain Settings: +4 dBu / –10 dBV (selectable per input)
  • Input(ADC) Maximum Level: (+4 dBu) +20 dBu
  • Input(ADC) impedance: 10kΩ
  • Input(ADC) Connector type: DB-25/IAC
  • Output(DAC) THD+N (unweighted): -105dB (0.0005%)
  • Output(DAC) Dynamic range (unweighted): 115dB
  • Output(DAC) Gain Settings: +4 dBu / –10 dBV (selectable per output)
  • Output(DAC) Maximum Output level: (+4 dBu) +20dBu
  • Output(DAC) Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
  • Output(DAC) Connector type: DB-25/IAC


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